Birth and Growth

The West Bengal State chapter of ASI was recognized by Head Quarter on 29th December 1978 at Guwahati. The declaration was made at the Annual General Meeting held after the Annual Conference of the ASI by the president of ASI, Dr. A. Venugopal.

We members of West Bengal started our work in that direction. We members of ASI from West Bengal met at Calcutta National Medical College to draft a constitution of the West Bengal State Chapter. This work was entrusted to Dr. A. K. Dutta Gupta. Constitu­tions of other specialist organization were consulted before drafting our own constitution.
A small committee was elected for the purpose. 3 sittings were taken to draft a formal constitution of the West Bengal State Chap­ter. This was sent to the Headquarter for approval. The Governing Body of ASI went through our draft and made a minor modification by deleting the post of the Vice President recommended by us. This was accepted by our members. Finally the draft constitution was printed and circulated to our members for their knowledge and guid­ance. Since then there had been no change in our constitution in major parts. Only a minor change in the constitution were made fol­lowing the direction from the Headquarter in the financial matters to make the chapter self-sufficient in finance.

Under the constitution, the first Annual Conference was held in Burdwan in 1980.